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مدير المشاريع

Personal Data:

Name: Samir M. Shihada

Birth Date:22/06/1959

Nationality: Palestinian

Marital Status: Married with three children

Current Position:Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department,

College of Engineering, The Islamic University, Gaza.

Address: Islamic University of Gaza,

Gaza, P.O. Box 108

E-mail: Sshihada@mail.iugaza.edu

Telephone:059-734342 (Mobile)

08- 2844671 (Home)

Key Qualifications:

· Reinforced concrete design and analysis, including software.

· Foundation design.

· Engineering Training.

· Engineering consultations.


-Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 1993 (GPA: 3.71/4.00).

-M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1987 (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

-B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, 1983 (V. Good with honors).

Academic Experience:

October, 1995- Present

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, The Islamic University of Gaza.

· Teaching reinforced concrete design courses:

Reinforced Concrete Design (I), Reinforced Concrete Design (2), and Reinforced Concrete Design (III).

· Taught other engineering courses:

Statics, Dynamics, Structural Analysis (I), Structural Analysis (II), Strength of Materials, Structural Design (I) and Structural Design (II).

· Supervision of student graduation projects.

· Supervision of M.Sc. thesis in Structural Engineering for department students.

October, 1998- September, 2000

Department Head, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, The Islamic University of Gaza.

Supervision of department activities.

Recruitment of staff.

Upgrading of the department curriculum.

Preparation of M.Sc. curriculum.

Launching of the graduate study program.

October, 1997 September, 2000

College Council Member, College of Engineering, The Islamic University of Gaza.

– Being part of the decision-making council.

– Recruitment of staff.

– Preparation of first college directory.

– Preparation of technical proposals.

– Supervision of College examinations.

October 1993- September, 1994

Adjunct Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department, Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Taught two courses in Machine Design and Experimental Mechanics.

October 1989- September, 1993

Teaching Associate, Engineering Mechanics Department, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Taught Statics and Strength of Materials courses for engineering students .

Professional Experience:

December, 2004- Now

Projects Manager

Al-Zafer Group for Investment and Development, Co., Gaza

January, 2002- November, 2004

Site Manager, Construction and Office

Al-Zafer Group for Investment and Development, Co., Gaza

– Managing the construction of about 93 % of Skeikh Zayed Township Project, including recruitment of staff, planning and scheduling of works, preparation of method statements, procurement of materials, etc. The project, which is located in Beit-Lahia, is considered the largest comprehensive housing project in Gaza strip. It’s approximate cost is 47 million US dollars, funded by Abu Dahbi Fund for development, designed and supervised by DIWI Consult International.

In addition to the duties shown above, I personally reviewed all structural design drawings, made design modifications supported by calculations, and redesigned all of the retaining walls in the project.

Main Project Components are listed below.

· 5-Story buildings, 61 nos.

· 12-Story buildings. 1 nos.

· Schools, 1 nos.

· Shops and Offices, 2 nos.

· Islamic Center, 1 nos.

· Road Network.

· Water Networks, including a water well and 2 nos. storage reservoirs, 5000 m3 in total capacity.

· Drainage Networks, including sewerage, stormwater, and a filtration pond.

· External Electrical Networks, including sub-stations and switchgears.

· Telephone Networks.

· Landscaping and Retaining Walls.

March, 1998- May, 2001

Chief Structural Engineer, High Line Engineering, Gaza.

– Structural design and supervision of several projects including Al-Waha Tourist Resort, which is considered as the major attraction in Gaza Strip. The project includes the construction of two 5-star hotels, large-span auditoriums, reception hall, restaurants, and other associated facilities. The project cost is estimated at 10 million US dollars.

September, 1995- March, 1998

Consultant / Coordinator, TAFU, Gaza.

– Managing a team of engineers at TAFU, Technical Advisory and Follow-up Unit, under contract with the municipality of Gaza. The TAFU unit has elevated the performance of the Municipality of Gaza technically and managerially.

– Recruitment of staff.

– Engineering design of some projects including the design of the hazardous waste section, a water well, a service compound, the civil works of the solid waste sorting and compaction unit, among other projects on behalf of the Municipality of Gaza.

– Supervision of the civil works required for the Gaza Municipality pumping station 6A.

– Preparation of a large number of technical reports dealing with the status of the facilities of Gaza Municipality, including sewage pumping stations, water wells among others, and giving recommendations for improvement.

– Member of the steering committee for Municipal Infrastructure Development Program (MIDP).

– Supervision of several projects under the Community Development Program (CDP). The program targeted the underprivileged neighborhoods of Gaza City.

– Project Manager for Gaza City Street Naming and House Numbering project. The project was financed by the British Consulate General in Jerusalem. The project has been successfully copied to other municipalities and localities in Gaza strip.

– Project Manager for execution of a large-scale greenhouse for Gaza Municipality. The project was financed by the British Consulate General in Jerusalem.

– Preparation of a maintenance manual for Gaza Municipality facilities. The manual was submitted for IBRD.

– Preparation and supervision of the 1996 and 1997 Gaza Municipality directories.

October 1983- August, 1985

Design Engineer, Gaza.

Structural design and supervision of several residential buildings in Gaza Strip.

Training Courses/ Workshops:


– Mayors’ Meeting of SEALINK-NEPON, Limassol, Cyprus.


– Personnel Management, NIFID.


– Visual Basic programming, IUG.

– Advanced Visual Basic programming, IUG.


– Structural Interactive Media for Technical Education and Training Using Multimedia Software Tools, IUG.


– Structural Analysis & Design STAAD-III, IUG.

– Teaching Skills, IUG.

– WebCT, IUG.


– Structural Analysis & Design STAAD-III, IUG.

Major Initiated/Supervised Projects:

– Managed the Construction of Sheikh Zayed Township Project, Beit Lahia, Gaza Strip.

– Structural design of Al-Wahah Tourist Resort, Beit Lahia, Gaza Strip.

– Structural design of the Legislative Council new building, Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

– Project Manager for Street Naming and Numbering Project, Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

– Project Manager for Gaza Municipality Greenhouse, Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

– Training Courses in Structural Analysis and Design Software STAAD-III for civil engineering students.

– Played a major role in launching of the M.Sc. Program in Civil Engineering.

– Preparation of M. Sc. Curriculum.

– Restructuring of Civil Engineering Department Curriculum.

– Preparation of First College Directory.

– Supervision and Preparation of Gaza Municipality Directories in 1996 and 1997.











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