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Chairman of Board of Directors

Name: Mohammed  Abu Dan

Date of birth: 15/04/1957

Marital status: Married

Number of children: 6

Qualifications: High School

I was unable to complete my study due to the bad economic situation for my family. My father died and I was 8 years old.

Important facts in my life:

–  I started working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories  in 1973 as a worker, then I worked in construction field as a very simple worker.

–  During that period an incident happened with me, it made me happy and affected my life positively, I was working in the site,  a Jewish man, who I didn’t know,  came and beat me and shouted in my face, he was trying to worn me that the concrete roof is about to fall over my head but I didn’t hear him, so he had to come closer and beat me,  I did not know so far beat me because I did not hear him . Since that time I decided to learn the workmanship and have already mastered it in 4 years.

– I started working as a simple contractor at 1978, a year after my marriage.

– At the beginning of 1982 I worked as a partner with one of the contractors whom I worked with as a simple worker previously.

– In 1987 I started taking contracts and deals and by myself, and use the hand of subcontractorswhen needed.

– On March 16, 1993, my partnerMr. Mahmoud Abu Mazkour (Abu Zafer) was killed by Israeli attacks, and I decided tomemorize his name by founding a contracting company inside Gaza carrying his name Al-Zafer Contracting & General Trading Co.

– I worked in the company day and night, I got a new partner, Mr. Mohammed Abu mathkour we both designed and built a special tower, and we named it {Al- Zafer .1 Tower.  It was the fastest project implemented in the history of my career. After that we started to construct{Al-Zafer. 2 Tower}, through the years our achievements continued and now we have a serious of Al Zafer towers include 10 towers. We become one of the largest and most successful contacting companies.