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about us

In the midst of the urgent need for reconstruction, investment and housing, the idea of ​​forming Al-Zafer Contracting Company sparkled among its founders, Mr. Mohammed Abu Mazkour and Mr. Mohammed Abu Dan.  Relying entirely on the Palestinian experience and expertise, for their well-known qualifications on regional level.

With simplecapital and great efforts the company started on 1993, and soon itdeveloped and upgraded its structure, increased the capital and strengthen the human resources. All of that reflected on the size of investment projects assigned and implemented by the company in Gaza Strip

These projects have been a sign of the speed in performance and accuracy in implementation, with this the company gained the trust and respect of all those who deal with them, institutions and individuals. The company is proud ofits achievements in a relatively short period, and hopes to achieve further achievements at the local and regional levels, commensurate with its growing capabilities that we trust.